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Marker #3814: ==== Prioritized stories below ====
Marker #3815: ==== Prioritized stories above ====
Feature #3883: DiagramViewer's EditorState limits states to hard-coded ones.
Enhancement #5489: Remove product-specific hacks from ConnectionRoutingMenuContribution
Bug #5857: Fix compilation problem annotations to work in procedural component type code editor
Bug #5984: Missing exception result checks in Statements request
Bug #5987: Shared library migration does not check if the libraries are linked to the model properly
Bug #6293: Annotation property relations are created without change information and GUID
Bug #6471: Refactor subscriptions and charts to use L0.identifier+Name instead of Name+Label
Bug #6569: LinestFormulaFunction not implemented correctly
Bug #6580: SumifFormulaFunction's "matchCriteria" not 100% same as Excel's version
Enhancement #6660: Changes in spreadsheet editor cannot be undone with Ctrl+Z shortcut
Bug #6661: Spreadsheet expressions with a negative sign immediately next to another operation sign causes ParseException
Bug #6662: Issues with Spreadsheet Cells' row heights, row header heights and row headers
Feature #6663: Spreadsheets: Decimal precision for cells cannot be changed in Spreadsheet Editor view
Bug #6664: Spreadsheets: Editing a cell causes far too many cells' values to be re-evaluated
Enhancement #6703: Immutability enforcement improvements in user component facilities
Feature #6707: Python integration
Bug #6783: Remove domain/product-specific documentation from platform SCL modules
Bug #6866: Fix r33339 /Antti
Support #6895: Documentation/help guidelines
Bug #6896: SCL compiler handles \() escape incorrectly in triple quoted strings
Support #6921: Document the current logging mechanisms in Simantics
Enhancement #6935: Experiment around with AERI
Feature #6961: Multiple simultaneous readers
Feature #6981: Incorporate MathJax in the wiki documentation system
Feature #6985: Automatic XML Schema conversion: file export support
Bug #6989: Exception during compilation Token cannot be cast to Expression
Bug #6990: InternalCompilerError with SCL CHR rule definitions
Bug #6991: ReadGraph.getAssertedStatements does not do proper shadowing for functional properties in inherited types
Support #6992: Add support/instructions for writing database (regression) tests for the platform
Enhancement #6993: Generate Help-Contents dynamically for all components and libraries
Enhancement #7001: Support for STS unit testing
Bug #7061: Document SCL effect semantics
Enhancement #7089: Refactor structural synchronization SDK
Feature #7093: Exception support in SCL
Enhancement #7143: G3D NodeMap interface changes
Enhancement #7165: Simantics diet to lose some weight
Enhancement #7207: Should be possible to test if index replace actually did changes
Bug #7239: Cached value of a Variable referencing an asserted property is not updated when a literal is added
Bug #7247: Allow for multiple threads with SVGCache
Enhancement #7248: Contributions to Ctrl+Shift+R
Enhancement #7249: Include profile monitor bounds to diagram bounds
Bug #7256: SCL console refresh modules button does not detect changes in external module files
Bug #7262: Prefer the symbols defined in the same module when resolving symbol references
Bug #7310: SysDyn property view for variables is broken
Enhancement #7360: Fix and improve TG discovery support in TG export/import
Bug #7361: Broken tab contribution sorting causes missing contributions
Feature #7377: Support for CHR negation
Support #7422: Simantics 1.32.0 release engineering
Enhancement #7445: Implement console buffer size limitation for SCL Console
Bug #7451: Support renaming SCL modules and scripts while editor is open
Bug #7502: RouteGraph rendering ignores duplicate RoutePoints with identical coordinates
Bug #7620: Shared library dependencies not updated when migrating to new version
Feature #7638: New implementation of SCL completion
Bug #7652: It's possible to delete same item in model browser multiple times
Support #7674: Move developer & end user documentation to gitbook and store in git repository
Support #7712: Simantics 1.33.0 release engineering
Support #7726: Move services to a cloud VM
Bug #7729: Deleting a large shared library takes few minutes if SCL Issues view is open
Support #7788: Simantics 1.34.0 release engineering
Bug #7789: Apply callback support is broken in GraphExplorerImpl2 and NattableGraphExplorer dialog cell editors
Bug #7792: Acorn Undo does not properly handle SET_IMMUTABLE operations in cluster streams
Bug #7830: Document/All.scl getTuples implementation changed from [a] to [Dynamic]
Bug #7831: ByteArray has two "show" implementations
Enhancement #5980: Database client plug-in cleanup effort
Enhancement #6280: Clear db index for updated ontologies
Bug #6919: Cancel does not restore changes to clustersets
Bug #7009: Acorn related deadlock v2
Bug #7641: Cancelling transaction does not work after performing nested delayed sync write
Enhancement #6233: DependencyChangesRequest holds a strong reference on to its parameter org.simantics.db.ChangeSet which can pile up in QueryProcessor and consume a lot of memory
Bug #6764: Acorn: Heap overflow when importing 1GB+ FileDocument
Enhancement #6922: Show SCL code line numbers in exceptions
Bug #7130: Shared library export fails if a shared library is not selected
Support #7396: Simantics 1.31.0 release engineering
Bug #7696: Better scaling of diagrams rendered into SVG part. 2
Bug #7724: Acorn: Cluster memory usage book-keeping problems
Enhancement #7728: Clean up and support internal seed resources in tg export
Bug #7750: Multiple problems in Lucene indexing
Feature #7782: Simulator toolkit enhancements
Enhancement #7803: Ignore NoSingleResultException in DependenciesRelation & Some improvements to NoSingleResultException message construction
Enhancement #7806: Improve startup time for fresh or rollback'd session
Enhancement #7807: Better signature for virtualSyncWriteXXX
Enhancement #7809: Add builtin Pure type for indicating no effects
Enhancement #7811: More functionality to SCL/ModuleRepository
Bug #7812: Incorrect name escaping when converting shared ontology into bundle ontology
Bug #7825: Various bugs in TG readers
Bug #7826: Race conditions in SCL compilation
Support #7828: Support including build information under published P2 repository
Bug #7833: org.jdom2 has an optional dependency on jaxen but it is required if non-validating parsing is used
Enhancement #7834: Find SCL expressions from component properties in SCLModuleEditor with Ctrl+Shift+G
Enhancement #7835: Finalizing improve startup time for fresh or rollback'd session
Enhancement #7836: Remove duplicate string/regex functionality from Simantics/Misc
Enhancement #7837: Introduce QueryIndexUtils in favor of bloated ModelingUtils for querying index
Enhancement #7838: Allow name component type interface property name editing to perform extra logic in the same write transaction
Enhancement #7839: Add Show instance for SafeDynamic
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2018-04 49%
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Enhancement #6922: Show SCL code line numbers in exceptions

Project: Platform
Status: In Progress
Start date: 2017-01-02
Due date: 2020-12-31
Assignee: Hannu Niemistö
Priority: 4
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