Simantics 1.29.0 released

Added by Tuukka Lehtonen 9 months ago

Simantics 1.29.0 was released on 10.7.2017.
Please find change log at: Simantics 1.29.0

The following projects/repositories are a part of this release and therefore have a branch called release/1.29.0 in Git repositories and 1.29.0 in SVN along with a tag called v1.29.0 in both Git and SVN:
  • simantics/platform.git
  • simantics/third-party.git
  • simantics/fmil.git
  • simantics/r.git
  • simantics/sysdyn.git
  • members/fmi.git
  • members/simupedia SVN

From release 1.30.0 and onwards the Simupedia repository is kept in Git/Gerrit instead of SVN and releases are made from there as well.