Changes in DB interfaces and client code for Javacore

Added by Jani Simomaa over 1 year ago

Previously one had to check out org.simantics.db.impl, org.simantics.db.server and org.simantics.db.procore from SVN-repository in order to use javacore. With the changes now the only plug-in one needs from SVN-repository is the org.simantics.db.javacore plug-in.

To use javacore as the database a program argument -databaseId <javacore/procore> can be used or either modify SimanticsWorkbenchAdvisor.DEFAULT_DATABASE_ID constant from "procore" to "javacore".

For existing javacore users once updates for org.simantics.db.javacore is taken you will notice a cycle in dependencies. Just checkout org.simantics.db.server, org.simantics.db.impl and org.simantics.db.procore from Simantics SVN to fix these issues. If you want to keep using an existing workspace it is necessary to copy <workspace>/.metadata/.plugins/org.simantics.db.javacore/db into <workspace>/db.