Bug #7696

Better scaling of diagrams rendered into SVG part. 2

Added by Jani Simomaa 25 days ago. Updated 11 days ago.

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Revision 40370f30
Added by Jani Simomaa 25 days ago

Move scaling of SelectionNodes to upper g-element with transform

refs #7696

Change-Id: Ibc4502c9adad9be6fb71801b042ec8464baac283


#1 Updated by Jani Simomaa 24 days ago

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#2 Updated by Tuukka Lehtonen 13 days ago

Jani, Reino deemed this non-working for Sulca so it needs some work still. Perhaps you'll just need to have alternate code paths based on options or something like that.

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#5 Updated by Reino Ruusu 11 days ago

This rendering issue was reverted by commit:40370f30d373d8ad850495f100700141ff600fa3.

The Sulca-specific issue is that it uses the scaling values present in the Graphics2D object to determine font sizes, but this issue also affects org.simantics.scenegraph.g2d.nodes.SelectionNode, which uses the the Graphics2D scaling to determine the margins and line width of the selection rectangle. When global scaling is taken away from Batik's SVGGraphics2D in the SCLScenegraph class, that information no longer is available to the scene graph nodes.

This scaling issue is thus present in all Simantics products. Sulca only makes it more obvious, as its diagrams are the size of a postage stamp at scaling factor 1.

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