Bug #7502

RouteGraph rendering ignores duplicate RoutePoints with identical coordinates

Added by Jussi Koskela 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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Change #7320 breaks the rendering of RouteGraphs since it ignores coordinatewise identical RoutePoints.
GetPath2D may for example return empty Path2D if the terminals are at the same position.

        // Analyze graph
        Map<RoutePoint, RouteLine> begins = 
//                new THashMap<RoutePoint, RouteLine>(); //The ordering of the coordinates in the path should be deterministic between scenegraphs
                new TreeMap<RoutePoint, RouteLine>(RG_COMP);

    private static final Comparator<RoutePoint> RG_COMP = (o1, o2) -> {
        if (o1.getX() < o2.getX())
            return -1;
        else if (o1.getX() > o2.getX())
            return 1;
        if (o1.getY() < o2.getY())
            return -1;
        else if (o1.getY() > o2.getY())
            return 1;
        return 0;


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