Enhancement #7276

Make prettyPrintTG available via SCL from Simantics/DB-module

Added by Jani Simomaa 18 days ago. Updated 11 days ago.

Status:In ProgressStart date:2017-05-29
Priority:4Due date:2017-06-04
Assignee:Jani Simomaa% Done:


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Target version:2017-24
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Tags: 1.30.0
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Some fixes and enhancements in order to make PrettyPrintTG available via SCL from "Simantics/DB" with function prettyPrintResource :: Resource -> <ReadGraph, Proc> String. Also adding support for printing other resources than shared libraries

Associated revisions

Revision 1cc487c3
Added by Jani Simomaa 18 days ago

Make prettyPrintTG available via SCL from Simantics/DB-module

refs #7276

Change-Id: I640f4cb6d929482577ed8874e6b8fadcaa05ba64

Revision aea3e7b1
Added by Jani Simomaa 9 days ago

Lots of fixes for PrettyPrintTG

  • Ordering predicates alphanumerically for deterministic ordering
    between two databases
  • Filtering L0.identifier statements
  • Hash-based naming for blanks for ordering output print

Still needs some optimiziations to improve performance lost with these

refs #7276

Change-Id: I6848b319094863a8c85e4deca91df721b1642ce7

Revision 839ee9ef
Added by Jani Simomaa 8 days ago

Fixing PrettyPrintTG to not concatenate strings in logging

However, creates unnecessary Object[] now..

refs #7276

Change-Id: Icc78a9c39f147f52f5b75ed5b7fcedf200293ea8

Revision 17b717c7
Added by Jani Simomaa 5 days ago

More meaningful debug printing to PrettyPrintTG

Also removing commented out code

refs #7276

Change-Id: I1aee2b8424444a7ee0b3a08be31dbc3375b3e21f


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