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Simantics diet to lose some weight

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Remove the lowest hanging fruits i.e. the things that are easiest to get rid of and are big from the SDK altogether or make them optional instead of forcing them upon the Simantics desktop product.

Currently the Simantics Desktop product with JRE is currently around 168MB. Eclipse parts are already around 60MB, give or take. A nice goal would be to get Simantics Desktop to somewhere between 100-120MB.

  • Remove procore-stuff from org.simantics.project - 2-3MB
  • Remove procore support altogether - rid of org.simantics.db.procore.server.environment and org.simantics.db.server - ~13MB
  • Don't force it.unimi.dsi.fastutil (17MB) into the SDK or any of its integral features. Opt to use org.eclipse.collections where more optimal collections are necessary (~10MB).

TODO: analyze more possibilities for losing weight.

I created a separate branch for this development work: feature/diet

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Revision 26f46aa2
Added by Tuukka Lehtonen 11 months ago

Remove deprecated org.simantics.db.build zip and related code

This should remove a bit over 3MB from org.simantics.project.

refs #7165

Change-Id: Ie357fe6ce4188146edeb70726bb8f18686f68c58


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