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Simantics: Simantics 1.29.0 released
Added by Tuukka Lehtonen 5 months ago

Simantics: Simantics 1.28.0 released
Added by Tuukka Lehtonen 6 months ago

Simantics: Simantics 1.25.0 released
Added by Tuukka Lehtonen 12 months ago

Simantics: Changes in DB interfaces and client code for Javacore
Added by Jani Simomaa over 1 year ago

Simantics: Simantics 1.22.0 and 1.23.0 released
1.22 is the E4 stabilisation and bugfixing release and 1.23 is more about various smaller enhancements
Added by Tuukka Lehtonen over 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • Simantics R (2016-04-22 04:26 pm)

    Simple Simantics wrapper and SCL library for interfacing with the R language runtime (http://www.r-project.org/).

  • Ontology development environment (2011-10-25 01:32 pm)
  • Platform (2011-06-23 11:09 am)

    Stories for development of Simantics platform components that are not specific to any simulator.

  • Sysdyn (2011-06-21 05:52 pm)

    Simantics System Dynamics Workbench.

  • Modelica (2011-06-20 02:34 am)

    Simantics Modelica support and integration.