Simantics Development Team has won the Automation Award 2011 by the Finnish Society of Automation

The Finnish Society of Automation has granted the Automation Award 2011 to the Simantics platform developers.

The Finnish Society of Automation has awarded Simantics developers with the Automation Award 2011. The award is provided to the Simantics platform development team:

  • Toni Kalajainen, Semantum ltd.
  • Tommi Karhela, VTT
  • Kalle Kondelin, VTT
  • Tuukka Lehtonen, Semantum ltd.
  • Marko Luukkainen, VTT
  • Hannu Niemist√∂, VTT
  • Antti Villberg, Semantum ltd.

Simantics project was started at VTT in 2006. A modern software platform for modelling and simulation was created in the project. The idea is to offer an open, high level application platform on which different computational tools can be easily integrated to form a common environment for modelling and simulation. The environment already includes or there will be system simulators such as Apros, Balas, KCL-Eco, ja OpenModelica.

The prize was now given for the 12th time. The prize of 7000 euros is granted for significant research and development work, application developed for industry or society or other activity progressing automation.

Congratulations, Simantics Development Team!