Passion for innovation and being a forerunner brought Tommi Karhela VTT Award

Research Professor Tommi Karhela received the first VTT Award in an event arranged in Digitalo, Otaniemi on 8 February. VTT Award is granted once a year to a person whose work has been exceptionally outstanding. The award of the year 2009 was granted especially for progressing VTT’s values and acting accordingly. (VTT Intra News, February 9, 2010)

Tommi Karhela has created an expansive research group of Computer simulation technology, good projects that follow the strategy and a company. The most focal single research subject is a completely new kind of integration environment of modelling and simulation, Simantics. Simantics has raised interest inside VTT, nationally and internationally.

The award was granted by the following grounds, listed according to values:

  • Passion for innovation

Simantics environment will combine simulation and programming software and other systems in a completely different way. Team’s research work in other projects as well requires high-level knowledge of the latest information technology, modeling and simulation.

  • Support and respect to the core

Karhela’s attitude towards co-workers is respectful and unprejudiced. Along with vast internal cooperation inside VTT, there are also many other researchers from other teams in his projects.

  • Together for the client

Several companies participate in team’s research projects and the developed technologies are applied also in contract research.

  • One step ahead

Tommi Karhela, his team and VTT as a whole have committed to challenging and risky development work creating new and not being afraid of problems.

“The rewarding came totally out of the blue. This is a great acknowledgement for the work done!”, Karhela says.
“The rewarding came totally out of the blue. This is a great acknowledgement for the work done!”, Karhela says.

A long career at VTT

Karhela’s career at VTT started as a Diploma worker in 1996 and it has continued ascending ever since. He finished his doctoral thesis “A software architecture for configuration and usage of process simulation models: software component technology and XML-based approach” in 2002, was named as a Team Leader in the middle of 2000 and last year he was nominated as Research Professor on IT modeling and simulation.

“VTT has been a good place to work since researchers are not forced into one mould. It has been possible to implement freely interesting projects as long as the funding has been arranged and that the projects are accordant to strategy,” Karhela thanks. “It has been rewarding to see that your work has influence also on social level,” Karhela sums up.