Simantics Advanced Training



17th November, 2012


The development of the open integration platform for modeling and simulation – Simantics – has proceeded to a state where several simulation tools can be used on top of the platform and many new projects are starting that will utilize Simantics as an integration and information management solution. At the same time Simantics Division has been established inside THTH association and the copyright of Simantics has been transferred to the association. It is time to arrange the first annual training of Simantics. Simantics Advanced Training is targeted for the developers who are planning to program software solutions or define ontologies on top of Simantics. Some programming experience is required in order to carry out the exercises. The room in the training is limited and most of the seats are reserved for the members of the Simantics Division. For non-members the prize for the training is 1500 € (+VAT), for Universities 500 € (+VAT). Please, register before the deadline below. Non-members are selected in the order of registrations.