Simantics webinar



25th November, 2014


The development of the open integration platform for modeling and simulation (Simantics) has proceeded to a state where platform version 1.16 and Apros 6.04.07 has been released. This time Simantics webinar is targeted for the end users of Simantics products. The event is divided into two parts. First part focuses on the news related to the Apros simulator releases on top of Simantics and also on formal model checking method in Simantics environment. The other part of the training focuses on the life cycle assessment tool SULCA that has been published on top of Simantics. The space in the training is limited and most of the seats are reserved for the members of Simantics Division and for the invited guests. For others the price for the whole day Webinar is 1500 € (+VAT) (Universities 500 € (+VAT)). Please register before the deadline below. You can also register separately for morning and afternoon session. In this case for non-members the prize is halved. Non-members are selected in the order of registrations.