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EclipseCon Europe 2017 Retrospective

It's high time for a debriefing on what was going on at EclipseCon Europe 2017 (ECE) on the 24-26th of October.

Having been to EclipseCon North America 2016, I was again very much looking forward to learning lots of new things and hopefully bringing some tips back home as well. One great thing at ECE this year was that most of all the talks can be found online on the EclipseCon Europe 2017 Youtube channel.

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Very Late Greetings from EclipseCon North America 2016

It's been over nine months since my visit to EclipseCon North America 2016. Thanks to THTH, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend this conference. Actually it was the first time anyone from the Simantics development group has attended an EclipseCon conference. In hindsight I can say it was definitely about time to do so!

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Simantics Proteus toolset

During the last year we developed Proteus file format support for Simantics. Our goal was to use process engineering data, mainly P&I diagrams, for automatically translated simulation models. While the results are promising, P&I diagrams are not the best information source for Apros models. Instead, 3D models would be more suitable, since they include exact pipe routes and height levels, which are necessary for precise process dynamics. Proteus was suitable for our purposes, because it includes support for both; P&I diagrams and 3D models.

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Refreshing of Simantics website

On my first ever blog post I've decided to go through the initial events and steps of the creation of the new Simantics website. I am going to explain the motivation behind all of this and also some techical details of how the website is built.

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